What can you experience at the museum?

Mysteries of the Sea

Everything that is unknown and mysterious has always fascinated us. We are drawn to it, and we fear it.
The secretive depths of the sea have always been surrounded by superstition, myths, and tall tales ever since we set sail for the first time.

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Denmark’s Incredible Fishing Venture

Our exhibition on Denmark’s Incredible Fishing Venture presents the fishing captains’ testimony of their extraordinary experiences as a tribute to their home town. The fishing industry that shaped the city.
Here you will get eye-witness accounts and an understanding of local destinies.

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In our spacious grounds next to the playground you will find the open air exhibition. Step into the world of the coastal fishing villages, the tiny harbours and the wooden shipbuilding yards at the time of the Second World War. Children and the young at heart can explore in the harbour playground, take a look at the craftsmen’s workshops and listen to the engine of an old fishing cutter starting up every Wednesday.

Experience the harbour


In our Wadden Sea-inspired sealarium you can study our seals.
Feeding times for the seals:
The seals are trained and fed daily at 11:00 and 14:30. Our educators have a host of great stories, facts and knowledge to share with you about the seals.

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Welcome to Denmark’s finest touch pool, where you can glide your hands over a ray or a lesser spotted dogfish.
Here in the aquarium you’ll find lesser spotted dogfish, thornback rays, halibut, cod, conger eels, bream, and sea trout.
Through the windows – which measure 3m x 8m – you will get a close-up view of the fishes’ underwater world.

Come beneath the surface

The Wadden Sea Pavilion

In the Wadden Sea Pavilion you can see living specimens of the sea birds of the Wadden Sea.

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Cafe MS Smag

In our café, MS Smag, you can enjoy a fine meal with a splendid view of the beach, the sculpture Man Meets the Sea and the Wadden Sea.
In MS Smag we strive towards sustainability in the way we work and the food we serve.

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Museum shop

Here you will find a fine selection of souvenirs, clothing, cuddly toys and foodstuffs.
The products in our museum shop reflect our focus on sustainability and are climate-friendly, so you will notice that many of the products we sell also support good causes, such as the fight against child labour and nature conservation.
You will also find a wide selection of books about cultural history and natural history.

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Ahoy – landlubbers in sight!
Children and the young at heart can explore in the harbour playground. You can board the ships, slide down, hop on the trampolines, balance on the fenders and take a rest at the tables and chairs under the shelter nearby.

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