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Monday: 10:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 10:00 - 17:00
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Eat with a clear conscience

Cafe MS Smag

Welcome to Café MS Smag

You can extend your museum visit with a lunch at Café MS Smag. In the café, you'll find lunch options for adults and small dishes for children, cold and hot beverages, as well as ice cream and cake. The menu changes regularly but is always inspired by the sea. When it comes to selecting dishes, we also prioritize sustainability and the environment. In other words, you can dine with a clear conscience at our place. It is not allowed to bring outside food into Café MS Smag.


The café is open every day from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Coffee, cake, and ice cream are available until 4:30 PM.



Table reservation

We have plenty of space in the café, and it's usually not necessary to reserve a table on weekdays. However, if you are a group of more than ten people, it's important to make a table reservation and pre-order your food in advance. Please note that it's not possible to reserve tables during school holidays.


Please note that it is not possible to visit Café MS Smag without puchasing a ticket to the museum.


You can make a table reservation via email at



We love happy smileys!

You can see our smileys from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration here.

cafe ms smag



Served with a butter-fried and a steamed fillet of plaice and prawns on homemade white bread and homemade dressing.

149 kr.


A salted, dried and smoked flatfish which is pan-fried. Served on homemade rye bread with remoulade and lemon.

149 kr.

Fish'n Chips

Haddock with French fries, lemon and tartare sauce.

139 kr.

Fishcakes with potato salad

Homemade butter-fried fish cakes and fresh potato salad with radishes and herbs tossed in mustard dressing.

89 kr.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, chicken, bread croutons, parmesan and homemade dressing.

89 kr.

Open sandwich with eggs and prawns

Rye bread with eggs and prawns tossed in herbs and lemon.

35 kr.

Open sandwich with potato

Rye bread with potatoes, topped with lovage mayonnaise, radishes and pea shoots.

35 kr.


With sustainable tuna from Grøndals stirred with homemade mayonnaise, baked tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and pickled red onions. In homemade bread.

79 kr.


With chicken, bacon, lettuce, baked tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, pickled red onions and homemade herb mayonnaise. In homemade bread.

79 kr.


With vegan falafel, lettuce, pickled red onion, baked tomatoes, pickled cucumber, pickled red onions and homemade parsley pesto. In homemade bread.

79 kr.


With ham, cheese and homemade pesto.


With 1 optional dip.
Choose between ketchup, remoulade or mayonnaise.

35 kr.

Ekstra dip

Choose between ketchup, remoulade or mayonnaise.

5 kr.

Children's Menu

Up to 12 years


Homemade fish meatballs served with remoulade, lemon and fresh raw vegetables. Choose between homemade rye bread or French fries.

69 kr.

Children's fish'n'chips

Breadcrumbed haddock with French fries, remoulade and lemon.

69 kr.


Served with remoulade, lemon and fresh raw vegetables.
Choose between homemade rye bread or French fries.

69 kr.

Pasta bolognese

Fresh pasta served with homemade meat sauce.

69 kr.


With ham and cheese.

19 kr.

Cold drinks

Soft drinks

Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite or sparkeling water

25 cl

30 kr.

35 cl

35 kr.


Rhubarb, elderflower or apple juice

30 kr.

Small juice

Apple or orange

18 kr.


Cocoa milk

25 kr.


20 kr.

Small bottle of wine

Red, white or rosé

25 cl

49 kr.

Craft beer

Bunker Schwarzbier

Bottom-fermented schwarzbier, with plenty of maltiness and a touch of sweetness. 5,0% alc.

49 kr.

Sømærke New England IPA

A hazy IPA dry hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe and Nugget. 6,3% alc.

49 kr.

Tørfisk pilsner

Fresh pilsner. 4,8% alc.

49 kr.

Fyret lys hvedeøl

Weissbier. 5,0% alc.

49 kr.

Mayday Pale Ale

Infused with sea buckthorn and American Citra Hops. 5,0% alc.

49 kr.


Dark Lager hopped with Hersbrucker and Northern Brewer, and a nice caramel flavor. 4,8 % alc. 

49 kr.

Tyskerhavn alcohol free

Non-alcoholic pale ale. 0,5% alc.

49 kr.

Coffee and dessert

Time for a small break?


Double shot

30 kr.


Double shot

30 kr.

Caffe latte

40 kr.


40 kr.

Iced coffee

40 kr.

Filter coffee

25 kr.


30 kr.

Syrup for the coffee

Vanilla or caramel

5 kr.

Cake of the day

See the selection in the display case

30 kr.


25 kr.


Choose between filter coffee, americano or espresso and a piece of cake

50 kr.


Choose between caffe latte, cappuccino or iced coffee and a piece of cake

65 kr.

Experience the city's best view

cafe ms smag