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Denmarks museum for the sea

A genuine maritime family attraction

Covid Rules

Due to Covid-19 you must present a valid corona passport, or a negative covid-19 test that is a maximum of 72 hours old.

This applies to all guests over the age of 16. On the test, your name, test time and the result of the test must be clearly stated.

If you need a quicktest before visiting the museum, you will find the nearest quicktestcenter on the address below:
Sædding centret, Fyrvej 34, 6710 Esbjerg V

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Energy from the Ocean - Danish offshore in the North Sea

Did you know, that we are also Denmarks Offshore museum?

Let us reveal an important part of Denmark, and take you out onto the offshore rigs, underneath the surface, into the underground and up into the air, with an overview of The North Sea from helicopter.

An incredible Danish fishing venture

Welcome to a journey through the years of the Esbjerg fishermen!

Today, there are hardly any fishing vessels based in Esbjerg. But until the year 2000, Esbjerg was Denmark’s largest fishing port and had the country’s largest fishing fleet. Thousands of Esbjerg fishermen and their families lived a life utterly unlike other people. In drawings, photographs, and words, this exhibition will bring you into the heart of the fishermen’s world.

Natural History
We have an ocean’s worth of stories to share about our waters and coasts –
from the fascinating ecosystem and the wealth of natural wildlife in UNESCO’s world heritage site
to life beneath the ocean surface.

Come close to the common seal and Denmark’s largest predator, the grey seal, and watch them being fed and trained.  See our amazing photographs and films and try out our interactive seal game.  You’ll also see the great skeletons of stranded whales.

Embark on a journey beneath the surface in the Saltwater Aquarium and meet everything from corals and jellyfish to the North Sea’s large predatory fish.  Stroke a Small-Spotted Catshark in our petting pool.

Cultural history

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg, is Denmark’s museum about the sea – people’s relationship with it, the culture surrounding it, and life beneath its surface.

The museum has been curating and communicating Denmark’s maritime history since 1968. We have incorporated the story of people and the sea into exciting research projects and exhibitions both small and large for adults and children.

Through objects, documents and narratives, we breathe life into the tale of our common cultural and natural heritage – a heritage that we can use to understand and communicate the past, interpret the present and help shape the future.

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