The Fisheries and Maritime Museum’s collections comprise objects, specimens, photos and records relating to the museum’s subject areas. The museum works with the sea’s cultural history as well as its natural history, and our collections cover subjects stretching from fishing equipment, vessels and sea charts to bones and tissue samples from seals and whales. The collections are continually registered, and the cultural history items are publicised online via the website of The Danish Agency for Culture The Museums’ Collections.

The cultural history collections

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum has an extensive cultural history collection with nearly 20,000 curated objects. The collection represents artefacts from within the museum’s areas of responsibility: The Danish fishing industry, shipping in West Jutland and the Danish offshore sectors. Besides these artefacts, the collection comprises large numbers of records, sea charts, drawings, photographs and films with materials and documentation relating to the museum’s subject areas. Below is a more detailed account of the collection and the story of how it was assembled.

The museum is always interested in hearing from you if you have any items or things which could be of interest.

Below is a selection of some of the things that have been handed in to us in the past. 

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If you have an interesting artefact or other effects that you think may be of interest to the museum, we would like to hear from you so that we can assess whether it should be included in our collection. Send an email to museum curator Richard Bøllund at with one or more photos and information about the artefact/material - e.g. who and where it comes from.

The museum collects artefacts and documentation (photos, records, etc.) within the museum's cultural-historical areas of responsibility - i.e. things related to Danish fisheries, shipping in West Jutland or Danish offshore.


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