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Seal, the Wadden Sea, and world herritage

The Wadden Sea is unique! That’s not just what we think – the whole world has officially declared it. So we have set up a miniature world heritage and national park on our doorstep…

In the pool, the water sparkles. Suddenly a dark shape shoots through the water at incredible speed, yet turns with ease at the edge of the pool. There is a shower of drops, and you feel the moisture on your face. The seal bounces up to the surface and looks around for the trainer. When is it fish time again?

In our Sealarium, inspired by the Wadden Sea, you can observe our four seals at close quarters both above the surface and below. At the moment we have two common seals (Pebbles and Arn) and two grey seals (Rasmine and Else) in the Sealarium. They are trained and fed daily at 11:00 and 14:30. Our educators have a host of great stories, amazing facts and science to share with you about the seals.

A host of different encounters await you in the Sealarium. Watch the seals in their own element through the huge underwater windows, and go on a voyage of discovery through the many windows at child’s-eye-view height.

Next door in the Wadden Sea enclosure you can learn about the unique habitat of the Wadden Sea – not just a national park, but a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can learn about the largest and smallest organisms of the Wadden Sea.

Seal feeding time at 11:00 and 14:39

At feeding time you can see the seals being trained and fed on the beach. Our educators also have great stories and lots of information and science about the seals to share.

Gry and Vitus

Take a look at our film in “Seals of the Wadden Sea” and journey out with the wild seals to the Wadden Sea sandbanks. Try our seal game on our iPads and see if you can keep up with Gry and Vitus, our two seal characters.

You can download the game here

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