On the Historical Atlas the museum shows information about shipping and the cultural history of the Wadden Sea region.
Amongst other things, there is a description of cultural historic elements along the Wadden Sea coast, the historic cattle route (Drivvej) and Esbjerg harbour. You can also read about the coastal dwellers from the region who in the 1600s and 1700s went to sea as sailors.
And you can find information about the maritime disasters that befell ships along the west coast of Jutland and in the North Sea, with information from marine disaster statistics and the coastguard records. These have been digitised with the collaboration of Esbjerg Town historical archives and Esbjerg Municipality’s libraries.
On Historical Atlas’ sub-page historiskatlas.dk/fos you will find the museum’s own contribution to the interactive atlas.

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The Historical Atlas is a national collaboration between cultural institutions – archives, libraries and museums – and is operated by the association Historiskatlas.dk with more than 200 members/institutions.


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Click on the Historical Atlas to see the narratives that the Fisheries and Maritime Museum has made in collaboration with others.
On HistoriskAtlas.dk you will also find personal narratives and stories from all over Denmark!



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