Meet the Wadden Sea’s

biggest predator!

The seals are trained and fed daily at 11:00 and 14:30. Our educators have a host of great stories, facts and knowledge to share with you about the seals.

In the sealarium you can watch the seals in their own element through the huge underwater windows, and go on a voyage of discovery through the many windows at child’s-eye-view height. You can also watch the seals above the water, when they lie on the beach and enjoy life.
The sealarium takes its inspiration from the Wadden Sea, which boasts both common seals and grey seals.

Seal training and commentary every day at 11:00 and 14:30

At their training lessons, you can watch the seals being trained and fed at close quarters. You will also hear some great stories and information about the seals from our educators. The narrative is in both Danish and English.
We train our seals several times a day to give them mental and physical exercise. It is important that we train the seals, so that they become used to us handling them in the course of our daily work, which helps us to keep them fit and well. For example, these large predators allow us to open their mouths to check on their teeth. This requires a great deal of trust from both the seals and the trainers. It is also our ambition that the training will eventually enable the seals to be used in research projects which will help us towards a better understanding of wild seals in Danish waters.

Listen to one of our guides telling about

the daily lives of seals in the sealarium

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Meet our seals

Learn more about the sealarium’s residents!

Here you can get to know the seals and learn about the kind.


Rasmine is one of our two adult female grey seals. Rasmine was born in the wild. We found her on Kærgård beach. She came to the museum on 12 February 2007. Rasmine was presumably born at the end of December 2006 or the start of January 2007.

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Arn is our adult male common seal. He was born on 4 July 2016 at Fjord&Bælt in Kerteminde. Arn came to the museum on 20 November 2018. 

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Gaia is our hybrid seal pup, born here at the museum on February 9, 2023. She is a hybrid, as her mother is the grey seal Else and her father is the harbor seal Arn.


Else is one of our two adult female grey seals. Else was born on 25 January 2011 at the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals. Else came to the museum on 10 April 2013.

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