Authentic harbour milieu


Authentic harbour milieu

The open air harbour

In our spacious grounds next to the playground you will find the open air exhibition. Step into the world of the coastal fishing villages, the tiny harbours and the wooden shipbuilding yards at the time of the Second World War. Children and the young at heart can explore in the harbour playground, take a look at the craftsmen’s workshops and listen to the engine of an old fishing cutter starting up every Wednesday.

Listen to one of our enthusiastic guides telling about the Open air area.

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Listen to the chugging of the old fishing cutter’s engine every Wednesday!

Every Wednesday you can meet our volunteer engine mechanics in the open air area.

During the summer holidays you can also meet our net maker in the net maker’s shed, the blacksmiths, and ship’s carpenter.


The open air exhibition is divided into three themes and milieux.

The first one you come across is the Beach.
This is where our big maritime playground is located.

Or you can take a stroll down the path towards the Dunes. This is where the baiting hut is located; it tells the story of the seasonal fishing that took place in the nineteenth century along the west coast.

The third milieu is the Harbour, which is a reconstruction of Esbjerg Harbour as it was in the period 1910-1970.
This is also where you will meet the blacksmith, net maker, ship’s carpenter and the engine mechanics in their workshops.


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