MS Smag

Enjoy the best view in the city

Loving the sea

and the fish on your fork

We bring you fresh seasonal menus, always with the best local ingredients from our amazing local suppliers, to produce something to tempt everyone.

At MS Smag, we prepare everything from fresh natural ingredients. We do all our own preserving and baking.
We make efforts only to use ingredients in season and at their best. We avoid ingredients from abroad by insisting on making dishes that we know are based on Danish produce: as far as possible, from local sources so that we also support local suppliers and small-scale producers. This policy is also true of our selection of drinks, where we focus on sustainable production.

We are also focused on sustainable fishing and proteins from our seas, and we take efforts to only serve fish from the middle layer of the sea, and as far as possible the day’s by-catch.

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Café opening hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 – 15:00

Saturdag - Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Outside the school holidays, you are welcome to eat in MS Smag without purchasing admission to the museum. Get a ticket for the cafe at the information desk. During the school holidays, however, a museum admission ticket is required.

Eat to your heart’s content

At MS Smag we take care to ensure that you can enjoy a delicious meal while helping us to look after our sea.

We are therefore very proud to be a Green Restaurant.

You can see our Green Key certificate here.

And of course, we only have happy smileys – See for yourself.

The café

How did MS Smag get its name?

Look out through the great panorama windows, over the grass and past the statue of the explorer Martin Spangsberg, down to the beach where Svend Wiig Hansen’s beautiful white sculpture, Man Meets the Sea, overlooks the entrance to Esbjerg harbour.
On a clear day you can make out the coast of Fanø, Skallingen, the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Wadden Sea and the imposing turbines of the offshore wind farm at Horns Reef.

What was the inspiration behind the café’s name?

Kitchen manifesto and sustainability goals

In our work with the sea and its fish, we concern ourselves with the UN Sustainability Goal number 14. We take efforts to only serve fish that is sustainable: from the middle layer of the sea – and as far as possible the day’s by-catch – so that we are sure that we serve sustainable proteins and protect the sea as far as possible.
When we buy fish, we only want to buy fish that has an MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) mark.

In a similar manner, we want to be at the forefront of green food preparation by focusing on waste separation, DAKA Refood waste management, minimal food waste and responsible food production. We have a focus on sparing, responsible use of cleaning products and only want to use Nordic swan-certified ecologically friendly cleaning products.

Read our kitchen manifesto here

Listen to the food and beverage manager of MS Smag talk about the café.

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