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E.1 På togt med Johannes for børn


Set Sail during the summer

Set sail with Johannes

This year, you can set sail with Johannes when the Fisheries and Maritime Museum’s fishing boat, E1, departs from the dock on selected days.

During the trip, the museum's skilled educators will share stories about the cabin boy Johannes and his experiences aboard a fishing boat. As you sail through the waves of the North Sea, you'll get to feel the power of the sea and wind firsthand, just like Johannes and the other fishermen did. So come along and experience the iconic blue fishing boat up close when you join the voyage with Johannes this summer.


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What has Johannes caught in his net?

You can also visit KreaLab and see some of the quirky things Johannes has caught in his net while out fishing.


But be aware – not everything was pulled from the sea by Johannes. Can you spot the fake items that were never caught in the net?

Afterwards, you can draw what you think Johannes should catch in his net when he fishes with E1.


This activity is free after paying the entrance fee.

E.1 På togt med Johannes

Go on a scavenger hunt at the Open-Air Exhibition

See if you can find 10 different items in the large outdoor area. You'll be given a sheet with one clue for each item.

You’ll need all your knowledge about fishing to succeed in finding everything, but it will be worth the effort!


Only the toughest scavenger hunters find all the correct items. So dive into the hunt and don't give up.


This activity is free after paying the entrance fee.

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