An active association

Museum association

The object of the association is to support the self-governing institution the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, and the salt water aquarium in Esbjerg.

Support is provided via practical assistance and financial contributions to promote interest in the museum’s work and area of responsibility. The museum association is represented by four of the Fisheries and Maritime Museum’s directors and provides advice regarding the museum’s lectures, arranges tours and meets for cosy, maritime-themed get-togethers.

The museum association holds an annual general meeting where the Fisheries and Maritime Museum acts as host, with (some) food and drink.

Museum association – Articles of association

Membership of the museum association

There is no membership fee. Membership of the association comes free of charge with the purchase of an annual season ticket.

However, you must take active steps to choose or renew your membership when you buy or renew your season ticket.

An active association

In addition to the events that the museum association and the Fisheries and Maritime Museum collaborate on at the museum, the museum association arranges several excursions a year to other museums and cultural and natural experiences.

You can find their event calendar on the website – see if there is something you should register for.

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