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The harbour in the Open Air area is the scene for maritime and dockside workshops at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum.
Age and education are not important here, because you will learn everything alongside an instructor in the forge, at the sawmill, on the rope walk or at the net maker’s workshop.

Tuition in the living workshops takes place mostly in the school holidays. Several of the various craftsmen’s guilds meet once a week at the open workshops – all year round!

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The harbour’s Jack of all trades

Voluntary contributions come in all shapes and sizes – it doesn’t matter to us whether you want to demonstrate a handicraft or if you are much better at giving visitors a great experience by spinning an old Sea Dog’s yarn. Maybe you are an experienced seaman, fisherman or offshore worker, so you could add your own personal touch to our exhibitions for those groups who want a guided tour?

Would you like to be the harbour’s “Jack of all trades”? Just like the Danish Jack of all trades ‘Bonderøven’ Frank Erichsen, we share the joy of old-fashioned handicrafts and traditions. Here at the museum, we practise maritime handicrafts: forging, net making, cutting timber with the reciprocating saw and tinkering with old engines. Meet our other fantastic volunteers, and share in the manual work and company. You don’t need to have any qualifications or knowledge of the craft – as long as you are interested and have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn and teach others.

We also seek volunteers for events, guided tours, painting projects in the Open Air site and other tasks. Please get in touch if you are interested.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities for volunteers, please contact our volunteer coordinator Richard Bøllund by email at

Communities and volunteering

As a volunteer at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, it is essential that you are good at communicating with people. We are Denmark's museum of the relationship between man and the sea. Would you like to help tell that story?

All volunteers receive a card that gives them and their loved ones free access to the museum.
In addition, there are a number of benefits as well as 30% discount on purchases in the shop and cafe.

The social interaction is very important. Volunteering is driven by passion, enthusiasm and community. As a volunteer at the museum, you should feel that you are part of something bigger, as we build bridges together between the museum's expertise, staff and volunteers, and create experiences and stories for visitors at the museum.

Social events:
Season kick-off meeting with dinner
Christmas lunch

For more information contact Richard


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