The Shackle – the museum’s annal

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum annal, ‘The Shackle’, has been published every year in the period 1988-2018. The annal is a mixture of articles relating to cultural history and natural history, in line with the museum’s areas of responsibility. Much of the scientific knowledge that has been garnered over the years from research and exhibitions at the museum has been published in the annal, and external authors have contributed material to the annals.

The museum’s annals since 2002 have been digitised and can be read online.
The annals can be downloaded via the following links.
The Shackle 2007 contains an index of the articles that were published in the years 1988 to 2007.


Sjæk’len 2002     Sjæk’len 2006     Sjæk’len 2010     Sjæk’len 2014
Sjæk’len 2003     Sjæk’len 2007     Sjæk’len 2011      Sjæk’len 2015
Sjæk’len 2004     Sjæk’len 2008     Sjæk’len 2012     Sjæk’len 2016
Sjæk’len 2005     Sjæk’len 2009     Sjæk’len 2013     Sjæk´len 2017
Sjæk´len 2018


The Danish title (Sjæk’len) is derived from the English word ‘shackle’. It is a chain or connecting link used particularly on ships to join two chains, ropes or hawsers. The shackle symbolises in the best possible way the purpose of the annal: to act as a link between the museum and the world at large.


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