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There is a bus stop and bicycle parking at the museum’s main entrance.  The car park at the main entrance has two disabled parking spaces, two to three bays for buses, and parking spaces for about a hundred private cars. There are additional parking facilities near the museum.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink and eat at the tables and benches in the museum’s open-air exhibition area all year round. There is an area under cover by the playground.

There is a lift to the entrance door by the main museum steps.  All the museum’s exhibitions are on a single floor except for the Aquarium, which is accessible by ramp.  A wheelchair lift in the entrance hall gives access to MS Smag.  The Sealarium is on the same level as the exhibitions, and there is a lift to the Sealarium underwater observation area and the Wadden Sea seals exhibition.  A network of landscaped paths in the museum’s open-air exhibition area will guide you round the entire exhibition. Off the path, you may have difficulty in accessing some of the buildings.

Strollers are available on loan.

Dogs are not allowed inside the museum but there are facilities for dogs outside during your visit, so you can bring it with you. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are welcome in the museum.

We accept payment with Dankort, Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, and Maestro.

Gift cards for use in the museum can be bought at the ticket office.

Nursing chair in the cloakroom.

Baby change area.

At the information desk you can buy admission tickets and also souvenirs and delicious gifts.

Your visit begins and ends here, and we will do our best to help – whether you need to know the next bus time, need help finding a special book, or have questions about any of the exhibitions.

The entrance hall, with its wide open space and its many beautiful skeletons of marine mammals, is wonderfully atmospheric.

It follows on from the main entrance, information and ticket sales. It is your first encounter with the museum  and it is also the museum’s heart, with new encounters opening out in every direction.

Lectures, concerts and receptions are held here. There are state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities with a gigantic screen and projector and a professional sound system.

The Sealarium faces out to sea, so that when you stand on the platform and watch the seals playing, you can see their natural habitat in the Wadden Sea in the background.  In the Sealarium you can come close to the seals and watch through the panoramic windows as they swim underwater. Read more here.

In the Wadden Sea enclosure you can learn about the complexity of the ecosystem.  On the upper level you can study the seabirds at close quarters, and on the lower level you can watch them underwater through the observation windows as they dive for food.

In the seabird observation area there is an exhibition where you can gain a deeper insight into the wildlife of the Wadden Sea.

Our youngest visitors enjoy our learning-rich iPads – and on the touch trail you can explore what it feels like to enter the natural landscape  –  read more about the touch trail here.

On the seaward side of the museum there is a popular touch pool.

In the summer we take advantage of the sun to grill outside in the open air. There is space for every kind of event here.

In the Saltwater Aquarium you will come face to face with most of the fish that swim in Danish waters, from the beautiful dragonet to the weird and wonderful hooknose.  The oceanarium is a huge reservoir with correspondingly impressive fish.  In the small pools along the walls you can study the fish and the sea creatures in a lifelike environment.  We think that our touch pool in the middle is Denmark’s largest and loveliest. See the rays dance and let the lesser spotted dogfish snuggle up and nudge your hand. Read more here.

From the exhibition area a passage leads down to our education centre.  Here there are two large rooms which can be combined into a single hall which can accommodate ninety people, or forty each.  The labs have everything that curiosity could wish for –  computers and projectors, creative workshop materials, magnification equipment, dissection tools, even some aquariums.  The labs can be reserved for classes, for birthday parties, and for sessions with our activities coordinator Daniela, who you can find here.

Energy from the Sea – Denmark’s Offshore in the North Sea
Read more here about Denmark’s only offshore museum.

Denmark’s Incredible Fishing Adventure
This exhibition combines great artwork and documentation to present the museum’s three tasks – building a collection, documenting and conserving, and educating the general public – as never before.  Denmark’s Incredible Fishing Adventure tells the story of how a town that was awarded a national harbour to export agricultural produce to England went on to build the greatest fishing adventure in all Northern Europe.  Meet the fishing captains of yesterday and the fishing industry that over an epoch shaped the Esbjerg that we know today.

The Open-Air Habour
The open-air harbour is Denmark’s only open-air shipping exhibition. Step into the world of the coastal fishing villages, the tiny harbours and the wooden shipbuilding yards at the time of the Second World War.  Everything you see was rebuilt from original buildings moved from Esbjerg harbour to the museum, plus reconstructions of houses on the harbour or along the coast.  There are ships here too. Some are drawn up on the beach and some on the quay or in the harbour. Smaller boats are on view in the open workshops in some of the harbour buildings.  Visit an original Second World War German bunker and see the exhibition on the German “Atlantic Wall” – and get the feel of what it was like to fish and run shipping in time of war.

The open-air harbour can also be hired as a venue for events. Every year, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum holds its annual Christmas market here, with stalls showcasing the work of local food producers taking part in this great day.

Children and the young at heart can explore in the harbour playground.

The playground is a secure setting for hours of play, while parents enjoy a cup of coffee or picnic at the sheltered tables and benches. Read more here.

The MS Smag (Taste) is the museum’s café – with a difference.

The café’s stunning view out to the Wadden Sea over the drilling platforms and the ships in the harbour gives it a unique and wonderful atmosphere, day and night.  MS Smag is the perfect venue for private parties – from confirmation to yoga, to networking events, talks and Christmas parties.

MS Smag also has a cosy corner, seating outdoors for sunny weather, and – for the summer – hammocks! You can also hear about the history and culture of food and cooking.  Read more here about our ambitious kitchen manifesto and special dining experiences: MS Smag

Meeting capacity

Entrance hall: 120-200
MS Smag: 120-150
Aquarium: 40-100
Laboratories: 40-90
Meeting room: 25-40
Open area: 300
Lawn: 300

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