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In the Wadden Sea enclosure you can explore the seabirds of the Wadden Sea – eider, shelduck, widgeon and avocets. Out in the open and downstairs through the large underwater window you can watch the birds in close-up. Watch the fast and elegant eider dive for food.

In the Wadden Sea enclosure you can find out all about the unique natural environment of the Wadden Sea – not just a national park, but a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can get to grips with the complex ecosystem of the Wadden Sea and its largest and smallest creatures.

Did you know

Two of the commonest Wadden Sea creatures – the mud shrimp and the Laver spire shell – are so tiny that in the wild they are very hard to see. So we magnified them to the power of x 100 in models that show every detail.

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