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The exhibition is open throughout museum opening hours.
Admission includes entry to all the museum’s exhibitions, attractions and experiences.

Remember, admission is free for children under eighteen

Energy from the Sea - Danish's Offshore in the North Sea

If you have never worked on the Danish platforms out in the North Sea, you have never had the chance to visit one. The same goes for the great wind farms that have shot up in Danish waters since the year 2000. Now the Fisheries and Maritime Museum’s new exhibition opens the door into a fascinating world that only a few have been able to experience.

Our Energy from the Sea – Danish Offshore in the North Sea exhibition takes you out to the platforms at sea, then down to the seabed underneath them and down into the seabed, then up again into the air where you will see the North Sea from a helicopter’s eye-view. Here we unveil a side to Denmark that is hidden from the public eye, but all-important. We show you how oil, gas and wind power are produced and used to keep Denmark running today.

The Energy from the Sea – Danish Offshore in the North Sea exhibition was created with the help of a generous donation from the A. P. Møller Foundation. The exhibition opened on 8 September 2016.


Exploration for oil and gas in the Danish sector of the North Sea began in the 1960s. Dan Field, the first Danish oilfield, began production in 1972. It was operated by A. P. Møller and their partners in the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC). Today there are several productive oil and gas fields in the Danish North Sea, operated by various contractors.

In the 2000s, offshore wind farms began operating in the North Sea, supplementing Danish energy production. Esbjerg is the base for Denmark’s North Sea offshore, a sector that is very important to the Danish economy. Documenting the development of the Danish offshore industry is part of the Fisheries and Maritime Museum’s area of responsibility.

Offshore activity in the North Sea is an integral part of the museum’s research and collection program.

Energy from the Sea

With our collections of objects, documentary records and personal narratives, we breathe life into the stories that make up our shared cultural and natural heritage. We draw actively on this heritage to understand and communicate about the past, to make sense of the present, and to explore where the ripples are leading for the future.

For children

Our biggest hit with the children is our helicopter ride, no question.

But there is so much more to do in the exhibition. We have put together a kit for families for making the most of the exhibition.

Ask for the “Offshore Worker for a Day” pack at the information desk to get you started. First we introduce you to the geology, then oil, gas and wind energy. Naturally, we have a bunch of fun tasks for you which require using your hands and your head. Then out you go on the job – in the helicopter. On with the overalls and helmet, and off you go.

Diploma and souvenir. Price per child 20 DKK – or free of charge with the family BeHappyPass.

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