Denmark's Incredible

Fishing Venture

Eye-witness accounts by local characters

Our exhibition on Denmark’s Incredible Fishing Venture celebrates the Esbjerg fishing industry and presents the fishing captains’ testimony of their extraordinary experiences as a tribute to their home town. This is our farewell to Esbjerg’s legendary years as a great fishing city and our celebration of the fishing industry that shaped the city.

"Both the portraits and the stories make this a very personal exhibition.
The exhibition takes us on the journey of life itself. This was a wild life, and the most amazing thing is that these fishermen don’t even think it was anything special", reflects the former museum director David Dupont-Mouritzen.


About the exhibition

There are still some fishing captains and fishermen from the great days of fishing living in Esbjerg. People with stories and a treasure trove of experience of fishing in those decades of the twentieth century when the industry was at its height.
This opportunity was unique, and we grasped it. In our exhibition we have secured for future generations a glimpse into Denmark’s greatest, wildest fishing adventure.
Seventy-six former fishing captains came by the museum to contribute to the story told by our exhibition. The result is a fusion of collection and documentation, storytelling and photographic portraiture.
Our digital audio recordings add to the experience by presenting the stories that the captains retell in their own voices.


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