On safari in the

Wadden Sea

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On safari in the Wadden Sea

At the museum we arrange tours out on the sand flats right outside the museum walls. If you would like to go out with a guide in the Wadden Sea, go exploring with a fork and net and hear more about its incredible and unique ecological system, then join us for a safari trip in the Wadden Sea.

Listen to one of our educators tell about the Wadden Sea, and what you can experience on a tour on the sand flats.

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Do you want to know more about the Wadden Sea?

The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is an enormous pantry, where resting seals, huge and accessible banks of oysters and 12-15 million migratory birds attract visitors from near and far. The food chain in the Wadden Sea starts with the microscopic lifeforms found on and under the seabed, where there is a whole microcosm of underwater life which mostly goes unnoticed.


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The Wadden Sea Pavilion

In the Wadden Sea Pavilion you can explore the sea birds of the Wadden Sea – eider, shelduck and widgeon.
Here you can watch the birds at close range as they dive below the surface.

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