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Like all state-recognised museums, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum has an obligation to carry out research in its areas of responsibility, which include cultural as well as natural history.

The museums cultural history research covers:

  • The Danish fishing industry in all its forms, its cultural history and its social and economic structure
  • Danish coastal culture’s range of uses of coastal and marine resources
  • Offshore-based utilisation of natural energy resources
  • All aspects of historical and present-day Danish shipping, focusing on the ports and waters of West Jutland, including the Wadden Sea and the North Sea
  • Research is conducted within the framework of the Centre of Maritime and Commercial History (CME), organised by the museum in collaboration with the Horsens Industrial Museum and the University of Southern Denmark.

The museums natural history research covers:

  • The Danish marine environment and the interrelationship between marine organisms and human activities
  • The environment of the Wadden Sea
  • Marine mammals in Danish waters

Read about our work

Forty years of research by the Fisheries and Maritime Museum” – an article in the Fisheries and Maritime Museum Yearbook, Sjæk’len 2007

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