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As a museum, a research institution and a visitor destination, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum has a wide network of collaborative partnerships within Denmark and also abroad.  Over the years the museum has formed close relationships with a range of institutions.  The Fisheries and Maritime Museum also belongs to a number of regional, national and international cooperative organisations.

A number of our most important partners are listed here.  Read more about the museum’s cooperations and activities in the most recent annual report.


Organisationen Danske Museer (Organisation of Danish Museums, ODM)

Top Attractions

Center for Maritim-og Erhvervshistorier (Centre for Maritime and Commercial History, CME)

Slots-og Kulturstyrelsen (Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces)

North Sea Maritime Museum Network (Association of North Sea Cities)

Nationalpark Vadehavet (Wadden Sea National Park)

Vadehavets Formidlerforum (Wadden Sea public education forum)

Sydvestjysk (South-West Jutland) Folkeuniversitet – Esbjerg – Ribe – Bramming

Cultural history

Fisheries research network

Shipping network – the Danish museums’ research network on shipping

ICMM – International Congress of Maritime Museums

International Maritime Economic History Association (IMEHA)

North Atlantic Fisheries History Association (NAFHA)

Esbjerg Marineforening (Esbjerg Marine Association)

Skibsbevaringsfonden (Marine Conservation Fund)

Natural history

Danish Association of Zoos and Aquaria (DAZA)

Emergency management plan for marine mammals and seabirds (with  the Danish Nature Agency and Zoological Museum)

Trilateral Seal Expert Group (TSEG)

Partnerships add value

We value our networking relationships very highly.

Working with colleagues and our network improves our scientific work.

Good results are easier to achieve together.

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